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testing applicationhost.config file by using appcmd.exe command Example

How to check configuration integrity by testing the Applicationhost.config file using Appcmd.exe command. Steps to do,
Open cmd and type 'cd %windir%\\system32\\inetsrv'
Under inetsrv type 'appcmd list config'
If there is no error the xml and configuration in the file is valid. Your test passes

CenTran 5 Config File - centran.exe.config

The CenTran service has some settings that are manually set in the CenTran service configuration file (centran.exe.config). This video covers basic configuration settings but for details refer the CenTran Getting Started Guide available at www.kaba-mas.com.

For more information on CenTran and other products from Kaba Mas, visit www.kaba-mas.com.

How to fix Error parsing LocalBridge.exe | Configuration Parser Error 0xC00CE556

Fix Configuration Parser Error - Error Parsing - Parser Returned Error 0xC00CE556




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