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Caymas CX21 Walkthrough w/ Lawson Hibdon

Boat WrX pro angler, Lawson Hibdon walks us through a boat that he fishes in tournaments himself. This 21 ft. Caymas boat is one of the most powerful and smooth riding boats for competitive fishing. Lawson gives his insights on why this boat is one of the best in the market.

#Boat WrX #CaymasCX21 #BoatWalkthrough

Boat Wrx has two locations:
-Springfield, MO
-Osage Beach, MO

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C21 FX - Blood Red Roses [Lyrics - Epic Orchestral Vocal]

Music by C21 FX

Available for purchase

Composed by Christopher P. Bragg
Vocals by Chantalle Barritt
Lyrics by Nick Joyce

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A storm is loosed upon the sea

Whose eye is stained with tears.

A wretch Hell-bound and bent on blood,

the makings of the fearful's fears.

The tide it stole away her grace,

the depths, they wouldn't claim her.

A toil begat by father's blood

This path was laid before her.

Redemption borne by brigand’s blood

A blight upon the darkness.

The pact embraced, a road unsought

The Maiden of Death won't be unwrought.

Her wrath is known throughout the black,

the gardens of death she is tending

Vengeance is her only ward

Beware the blood red rose's thorn.

Picture by Carlos Quevedo

Gallery of Carlos Quevedo

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2021 Caymas CX21 Pro!*** Loaded Tourney Rig!!***
Awesome new rig that just landed at their shop..

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